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Civilization of Faith A Journey Through Islamic History
We are living at a time when western civilization is at its peak and the Muslim nations are at their weakest point, dazzled by the power of the west with its wealth, means and scientific and technological advantages. Muslims who do not read history, may well be unaware of the fact that this is not always been the case. A few hundred years ago, it was just the opposite. The Muslim ummah was the superpower of the age and the Muslims were the leaders in culture, science, and technology. The cites of the Muslim world were centers of learning to which people came from far and wide, including - as in the case of Muslims Spain - and the lands of Christian Europe.

The Muslims, at one time, were the most technologically advanced civilization on earth, and the uniqueness of their civilization lies in the fact that although they achieved a great deal in materialistic terms, they remained a compassionate society where the poor and disadvantaged were cared for.

This book is a reminder to Muslims that they have a glorious past and that for many centuries they had the upper hand over their enemies. They became masters of the world at the time when they adhered to Islam; when they became preoccupied with worldly gain and the pursuit of luxury, then decline set in. If the Muslims adhere to Islam and take their religion faithfully; they will, once again, be supported by the Will of Allah and will again be able to lead the world in all spheres of life.
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Globalisation or Recolonisation? The Muslim World in the 21st Century
In this accessible and carefully researched text, the authors broach one of the most urgent issues thrown up by the process of contemporary globalisation the future of the Muslim World. Their analysis probes the key material links between economic underdevelopment and Western-Islamic cultural relations. This book is vital reading for anyone who wishes to understand the roots of the current high-profile tension in global politics and to think beyond these conflicts towards the task of building a just and peaceful global order.
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Islam Our Choice-Portraits of Modern American Muslim Women
An increasing number of American women are embracing Islam-already over one million converts. These are modern American women born and brought up in America to non-Muslim parents. They have journeyed down the path of Islam without giving up their American heritage and found liberation and self-actualization by becoming Muslims.
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Islamic Studies (Book2)
About the Book: The second in a unique series of books designed to instill the Islamic identity and belief system in Muslim students, Islamic Studies Book 2, expounds upon the basic understanding of tawheed (Islamic monotheism), tafseer (explanation of the Qur'an), hadeeth (the teachings of the Prophet, peace be upon him) and fiqh (Islamic Law). This book extends significantly towards the author's obvious aim of instilling in the reader the understanding of the uniqueness of the Islamic concept of God and clarifying how Islam is built upon clear, logical principles. By studying this book, one becomes acutely aware of some of his basic rights and obligations as a muslim and finds their relevance in his everyday life.

Hediyah AI-Amin, Columnist, The Peninsula, Doha, Qatar

"An excellently written series of educationally sound texts by which to systematically learn the foundations of Islam. They are specifically designed for new Muslims and educational institutions."

- Amjad Khan, Production Editor, The Weekly Gulf Times, Doha, Qatar About the Author: DR. ABU AMEENAH BILAL PHILlPS was born in Jamaica, West Indies, and grew up in Canada, where he accepted Islam in 1972. He completed a BA from the College of Islamic Disciplines (Usool ad-Deen) at the Islamic University of Madeenah in 1979 and a M.A. in Islamic Theology in 1985 at the University of Riyadh, College of Education. In 1994 he completed a Ph.D. in Islamic Theology in the department of Islamic Studies at the University of Wales.

From 1994 to 2001, Dr. Bilal founded and directed the Islamic Information Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the Foreign Literature Department of Dar al Fatah Islamic Press in Sharjah, UAE. In the year 2001, Dr. Bilal established the Islamic Online University, the first accredited Islamic university on the Internet. He was a professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the American University in Dubai and Ajman University, head of the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Preston University-Ajman, UAE, and a lecturer at Qatar Guest Center, Doha, Qatar. More information may be found about him and his activities at
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Islamophobia and Anti-Americanism: Causes and Remedies
This book offers valuable expert analysis and activist reflections on Islamophobia and anti-Americanism. This is the first book in the market to explore Islamophobia and anti-Americanism as interrelated global phenomena.
The volume traces the effects of Islamophobia and anti-Americanism on public opinion in America and Muslim-majority states. It also offers an assessment of post-September 11 media depictions of Islam and Muslims. Additionally, the book examines the impact of American government policies and the prospects of reform in the Muslim world on anti-American and anti-Muslim sentiments. The work also looks at how various government and non-government actors are helping or hindering the quest for remedies. In particular, the book assesses interfaith encounters and the role of American Muslims in bridging the growing perception gap between America and the Muslim world.

Contributors to this volume provide perspectives based on research material as well as personal encounters. Some of the writers are leading scholars in the field of Middle East studies and Muslim-Christian relations, while others are civil society leaders in America and the Muslim world.

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Journey to Makkah
Journey to Makkah, already available in German and Arabic, is much more than ana account of the author's pilgrimages to the holy places of islam, Makkah and Madina. It is a vivid description-based on personal (frequently quite adventurous or funny) experiences-of what it means to put into practice the five pillars of Islam in even the most mundanefields of life.
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Muslim Heritage and the 21st Century
This book represents a significant contribution towards a better understanding of the Muslim world
The contribution of the Muslim World to a wide range of sciences and academic disciplines is often overlooked or taken for granted. This book provides a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage within the Muslim World and the significant role that Muslims have played in the advancement of knowledge.

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